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PROMs & PREMs at RebalanceMD

By March 5, 2018No Comments

RebalanceMD wants all patients to have a positive experience and successful outcomes when visiting our clinic and having treatments or procedures by our physicians. One of the ways we try to ensure we are achieving this goal is by collecting information from the patient directly using PROMs and PREMs.


Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are a series of questionnaires collecting information on the patient’s health status from their perspective. The answers to these questions are provided to the physician so they have a better understanding of the patient’s condition and quality of life. PROMs questionnaires are done pre-operatively as well as post-operatively at different intervals so we can know if the procedures done are making a difference to the patient’s health.

*currently only available for knee, hip and shoulder procedures


Patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) is a single questionnaire or survey collecting information on the patient’s experience at our clinic, with their physician, and with the staff members. PREMs questionnaires are completely anonymous and are used within the clinic to make necessary improvements or changes. Patients are given the opportunity to anonymously leave comments, further providing the clinic insight on patient experience. RebalanceMD physicians are provided PREMs reports to ensure they are providing a positive and informative experience to their patients and to make any necessary changes to their practice.

These tools are sent to patients directly and the data is collected and reported to the clinic. This information is utilized to track disease progression, guide therapeutic decisions, assess recovery, ensure effectiveness of treatments and procedures and implement quality improvements.

RebalanceMD is always striving to provide the highest quality care and experience to all patients that come through our doors, and utilizing PROMs and PREMs tools enables us to make improvements and make us better.