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Post Op Physiotherapy Program Starts at Rebalance MD

By September 22, 2014July 16th, 2017No Comments

Physiotherapy @ RebalanceMD is proud to announce its partnership with Island Health to deliver post-operative services for Total Hips and Knee replacements in the Capital Regional District. For those patients whose surgery was on or after September 15 2014

We are calling this the PopP program.

Patients that had their surgery before this date continue to go with the previous service providers.

Patients that have had total knee or total hip replacements are covered for physiotherapy and exercise therapy after they have their surgeries- there is no charge to the patients.

This replaces the previous program at Adanac location at Royal Jubilee Hospital. However outpatient physiotherapy services are still being offered at Saanich Peninsular hospital for its local patients and those from the Gulf Islands. The Arthritis Center is also an option for those patients that have inflammatory disease and require post surgical intervention for their hips or knees. Patients that are from up island the hospital will send an e referral for therapy to your local outpatient hospital therapy services for you. Patient also always have the option to go to their local physiotherapist at their own expense.

Regardless of where patients reside all patients are welcome to come to RebalanceMD.

Patients that are having a Total Knee will receive their post op appointment with their booking information- this gives you your date and time for your post op encounter – which will be approx 5-7 days post operation. Please confirm this appointment. If your stay is longer in hospital than anticipated please also have someone call to delay this appointment appropriately otherwise we will be expecting you.

It is very important to be seen within a week of discharge when you have your knee replaced to start you rehab exercises and gain knowledge about your recovery.

Patients that are having a Total Hip replacement are expected to call us for an appointment for their first physiotherapy encounter within the first week of discharge form hospital- this first appointment should be planned at the 3 week stage post op. (250 9404444 option #4) please state you are booking an appointment in the PopP program.

Thank you
Stefan Fletcher CEO

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