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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (EMG/NCS)

Physiatry is a medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients whose functional abilities have been impaired due to either injury or disease. Problems may be neurological, rheumatological, and/or musculoskeletal in nature.

Our physiatry services include:
  • Electrodiagnostics – EMG/ NCS for common and more rare nerve and neuromuscular problems (carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves, peripheral neuropathy and myopathies, and many more)
  • Point of Care Ultrasound – To provide clear clinical diagnostic and therapeutic information and procedures
  • Injections
  • Acute injury consultations
  • Work-related injuries (expedited consults and return to work planning)
  • Sport injuries (acute rapid consults available)
  • Medical Legal Consultations – Personal Injury and Malpractice (Insurer / Lawyer requested)
  • Complex case medical Coordination

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