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New Joint Patient Journey

New Joint Program

The RebalanceMD New Joint Program is a program created for patients who are undergoing a hip, knee, shoulder or ankle replacement with one of our arthroplasty surgeons. The program guides patients through their surgical journey and prepares them for their upcoming procedure. Each patient is assigned a “Navigator” (Physiotherapist or Nurse Healthcare professional) who navigates them through the process and follows them along throughout their surgical path. Here are some of the benefits of the New Joint Program and what it offers;

RebalanceMD Hip/Knee/Shoulder/Ankle Replacement Information Booklet:

This booklet is given to patients who will be undergoing a replacement. The surgeon supplies this booklet to you at the time of consultation when surgery has been agreed upon as the most appropriate form of treatment. This allows you to read ahead of time what the surgery entails and what will be required of them pre and post-surgery. The book includes detailed instructions on the procedure, pre-operative exercises, required equipment, preparing your home for post-op, how-to’s after surgery, what to expect day of surgery, home exercise, pain control and patient resources.


A Navigator is a nurse or physiotherapist who is your main point of contact throughout your surgical journey and guides you through all the steps that need to be taken. Initially, they will have a meeting with you called your “Intake Assessment” which will cover your medical and social history, explore barriers and obstacles for successful recovery, ensure you are fit for surgery, create a post-op plan for when you return home and review your procedure with you. They take care of ordering any pre-operative tests or specialists appointments you may require, arrange your paperwork to be submitted to the hospital and are available for any questions that may come up. The Navigators are a critical part of a successful surgical journey and recovery for all patients and help relieve some of the anxiety that comes with having surgery.


Our RebalanceMD Navigators have created an online education video that outlines every detail of your surgical journey. The video features the Navigators and our surgeons relaying important information and acting out movements, exercises and precautions relevant to your procedure, detailed instructions on what to expect before, during and after your surgery and what equipment or testing that needs to be ordered for each patient. The video is easily found on YouTube and can be watched at any time. It can be re-watched, paused or rewound so you are able to retain all the information and be well prepared.

Our website also has many resources including links to the education video and exercise videos, joint replacement booklet, post-operative care sheets and biographies on all of the surgeons.

POPP (Post-Op Physiotherapy Program)

RebalanceMD is working closely with Island Health to provide free physiotherapy for patients who have undergone a joint replacement. You will attend your first POPP physiotherapy appointment with a lead physiotherapist who will perform an assessment and discuss with you a routine to get you to optimal recovery. You will then work with the Kinesiologists in a class setting, who work directly with the physiotherapists, to help you through your routine and recovery plan. The lead physiotherapist may check-in from time to time and will ultimately perform a final assessment and discharge plan once you are at a point you can continue your exercises independently at home.

Since RebalanceMD is able to offer all of these services under one roof, it offers a great opportunity for open communication between the surgeon, navigators, physiotherapists and the patient. We take pride in what we do and always want the patient to come first. Having an informed, engaged patient and open communication is crucial for a successful surgical journey and optimal patient recovery. Below is some feedback we have received regarding our New Joint Program and POPP Program at RebalanceMD:

“Awesome physio staff. Excellent at motivating me and providing the education and support that I needed. Thank you all so much!”

Great program. Great staff. Great experience”

“This is a very positive experience after the trauma of knee replacement. I feel the staff really cares about you and your progress”

“Hopefully see you all soon when my other knee gets done. Thank you so much!!”

“I first came to Rebalance 2015 for my knee surgery. John, Rob and everyone else helped me a whole lot. Then in Nov 2017 I came for my hip same as before. Staff very knowledgeable and friendly. If I need another surgery (hopefully not). I would welcome coming to Rebalance.”

“I have been happy that all the Rebalance staff recognise the uniqueness of each body and the range of recovery time to expect, with alignment of the views of the surgeon, navigator and all physiotherapy staff. Truly a centre of excellence.”


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