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Rebalance CEO, Stefan Fletcher, Coaching Soccer

By unifying the various components of the musculoskeletal care spectrum under a single roof, Rebalance MD is able to provide a simplified, comprehensive, and harmonized solution to the patient experience with an emphasis on building relationships between patients and health care professionals throughout the Vancouver Island Community.

The innovation at the center of our one-of-a-kind model will provide Rebalance MD with the opportunity to serve as a leader, innovator, and educator to the health care community of British Columbia, while retaining a pulse on global musculoskeletal care needs. Our model is also extendable to other regions of the health care spectrum.

We have a social responsibility that drives up to get involved with related initiatives:

Local Focus:
  • Injury prevention and education
  • Sports Teams
  • Sponsorships
Globally Focused Initiatives:
  • An experience in Medical and Administrative work in developing economies including Tanzania and Uganda

More About Our Involvment